Questo il comunicato ufficiale che sposta da Zagabria all’Emilia Romagna i Giochi Mondiali CSIT 2021.

Per il Football targato AICS/IAAFL è un grande evento da organizzare in “casa” un’occasione di portare in Italia tanti club e giocatori da tutto il mondo. Tackle e Flag sia maschile e femminile e Wild Card League (over 45) oltre al segmento beach flag saranno rappresentati a Marina di Ravenna dal 1 al 6 giugno 2021 organizzati da IAAFL e la locale storica società Chiefs che è partner anche del Torneo del Mediterraneo in corso di disputa e che sarà anche l’appuntamento 2021 a settembre per la seconda edizione.


New location and postponement of the CSIT World Sports Games 2021 were unavoidable.
The CSIT ExCom took some important and necessary decisions at its extraordinary online meeting in early September. The 7th edition of the CSIT World Sports Games (WSG) will not take place in Zagreb (Croatia) as originally planned, but will be hosted in the first week of June 2021 by the Italian CSIT member organization AICS in Cesenatico and Cervia in Emilia Romagna Region (Italy). A postponement of the WSG and a new host city were unavoidable due to recent Corona developments and also because of the severe earthquake in Zagreb last spring.Covid-19 has placed the world in an unprecedented state of emergency in recent months and continues to have a massive impact on daily life. Social contacts are still not possible to the same extent as we were used to before Corona. Sport is still not fully available, and the organization of major sporting events is still not secure. For security reasons, all major international events have been postponed by at least one year to 2021 or even later.CSIT President Bruno Molea: We want to set a positive sign with our Games to the world!
“Looking to the future, the next edition of our CSIT World Sports Games 2021 would be a moment of great revival for our Confederation and for sport around the world in general,” said CSIT President Bruno Molea recently. “We therefore want to send a signal to our members and partners by ensuring that the 2021 World Games are held in compliance with all necessary Covid-19 security and health measures. This is also an opportunity to show and enjoy the strength and message of the unity of the CSIT family”.CSIT WSG 2021 in Cesenatico and Cervia
The next edition of the CSIT World Sport Games will not be able to take place in Zagreb (Croatia) as planned, but had to be moved to Cesenatico and Cervia (Italy), two famous seaside resorts on the Italian Adriatic Sea. Zagreb has recently suffered not only from the Corona pandemic, but also from a major earthquake. Both events together have weakened the local institutions to such an extent, that they are no longer able to ensure all the requirements linked to the organization of the CSIT WSG and to maintain the high standards expected by our athletes, clubs, managers, technicians and fans. The quality in terms of logistics, facilities, accommodation and tourist services could not be maintained from today’s perspective.
It was necessary to relocate the WSG
“We had to make this decision in order to guarantee our members, customers and partners the quality of our games, which we have developed over the past years and which is very important for us”, says CSIT President Molea. “I would like to thank especially Emilia-Romagna Region as well as the cities Cesenatico and Cervia and their decision makers, who helped us in this difficult situation very quickly and without bureaucracy. I would also like to thank the members of the Executive Committee of CSIT, the staff of CSIT and the Technical Committee for their work over the last months despite the pandemic. It is only through this work and tireless dedication that we can continually improve the quality, that we want to provide to promote the amateur sports movement around the world”.