The team was initially founded in 2015 by our Coach Domenico Barbuzza, where he alone took up the extremely challenging task of introducing this incredible sport in Malta. Considering that soccer is the most sought-after sport on the island, exposure on the sport was practically non-existent. It was only a handful of people around the island who actually knew and followed the sport.

Phoenix initially started off with pretty much nothing – just a few guys playing at Ta Qali national park, chasing the dream of being able to play one day. But with passion and planning, the team started to grow and our practice sessions started to formalise. It was no longer a ”bunch of guys throwing a ball around” but Phoenix turned into a team.

In just over a year, the team received a formal invitation to join FIDAF (Federazione Italiana di American Football – to play in their first ever Flag American Football Tournament based in Sicily. This was our first international experience and Phoenix managed to place 4th in the tournament despite being our first-hand experience playing against experienced teams.

Fast forward to 2019, we embarked on a very ambitious endeavour to get our team into full contact American Football whilst also tackling issues that the COVID pandemic brought with it. Fast forward to today, Phoenix has now officially played a number of teams including the Sienna Lupi and Bulgaria’s national champions, the Sofia Knights.


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