Sabato 18 gennaio 2020 durante la convention italiana di IAAFL il Presidente Cantù a conferito ad Angelo Giannuzzi la Stella d’Oro al Merito Sportivo IAAFL; Vincent Argondizzo ha ricevuto il riconoscimento alla carriera con il massimo riconoscimento per i Tecnici di IAAFL ad honorem.

Angelo Giannuzzi: The Golden Star is a Sports Award conferred by the IAAFL President in order to reward athletes, managers, technicians, and companies who, due to the activity carried out, have given prestige to the American Football Sport in the World










Vincent Argondizzo: The IAAFL’s Coach of the Year Award is awarded to the player who has most distinguished himself during the sports season. It is assigned on the basis of the reports of those working in the league. Ad Honorem